Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Birthday/Thanksgiving Elder Silva!

Dec. 7, 2015

Holy smoking dragon... So much going on. Most of it won't mean much to you (names of missionaries etc...) but I'll lay it all down at once. Ready? Yenko. I'm leaving Atonsu to go to Sunyani. Sunyani is in the Brong Ahafo region. Finally left Ashanti. Yes there is still a lot of Twi there. My new companion is Elder Baah from Ghana. My current Stake Missionary (Brother Adgey Damoah) is leaving to another area as well. My area is being combined with the other Atonsu area again. Elder Lindley and Merchant (greenies) are whitewashing (no one is a veteran of that area) our area again. I have also been called as District Leader again. I go to a training tomorrow and leave to Sunyani on Wednesday. My former companion Asada is one of my Zone Leaders and my current District Leader Elder Olsen is my other Zone Leader. Sounds like a fun time! I have missionaries I love in the other Sunyani District. Hopefully I'll get to see them around some time. I packed this morning to avoid the stress for later. Felt really good. I've learned a good lesson of "taking care of my future self" by doing things I don't want to do earlier. It's a great philosophy but a work-in-progress ha. Today is a very busy day. Lots to do. As for Atonsu, the area is alright. It was a tough area, but I will still try to stay in contact with some people from there.
One great thing I hear about Sunyani is that the electricity is great. A big relief for this Ashanti missionary. Alright on to your e-mail. It's in the negatives eh? Sounds terrible. The Hamatan (dry season) has come. It's so smoggy and dusty. The sun is blocked out all day, but when it peeks out, it burns. My throat is dry, but my smile still wide. That darn Sahara air is something else. Em is graduating! Makes me feel pretty proud. The companion who wants lemonade packets sent to him is Brother Agyei Damoah. He won't be my companion anymore though. Speaking of that, he is my 5th companion in a row I've had for only 1 transfer. I'm just bouncing everywhere. I'm glad everyone's getting into the Christmas spirit. I've said it before, but the demonstration of Christmas traditions (like over there) doesn't really exist here. Maybe some extra food, but there's no “spirit.” I don't really mind, I'm just glad that you're all enjoying it. Oh wait a sec. I get to Skype you! Best Christmas present I could ask you for. Yeah, we'll see about my accent. If I concentrate I'm pretty sure I can sound like an average American. The accent just kind of pops in unexpectedly when I talk to Americans. The greenie Americans really have an accent though when they first come here. First time I heard an American accent...sounds something different from normal, ha. I look forward to your Christmas package, and thank you for your prayers. Enjoy everybody! Say hello to friends I know, and for that matter, everyone you meet. 

-Elder Silva 

Dec 1, 2015

Yes I suppose I am 20 aren't I? I suppose I feel it, but I'm not sure what being 20 is "supposed" to feel like. All the greenies in the apartment keep telling me I'm old on mission. I'm still getting used to hearing that. I wish I could say our work was leaps and bounds, but it's come to a lot of dead ends. As for our apartment life, things are pretty good. Oh! I do have to share one funny story with you. We have an investigator who is a school teacher, so her English is good. She read the Restoration pamphlet and started on the Testimony of Joseph Smith. We came to teach her the Book of Mormon and she was asking questions about it before we told her what we were teaching. One question was about the "Heavenly Hammer"... Like the one Thor uses... Then she showed us the picture of Moroni burying the plates in the snow, haha. I had a good laugh.
Transfer news is coming this Saturday and I am really hoping nothing changes here. I'm not ready to leave yet and if they combine the area again I'll die. A bunch of missionaries are going home and only 4 sisters are coming. Areas are being closed down. I've been enjoying the good warm weather. It's supposed to be Hamatan (dry season), but the rain and humidity won't go. Last year by this time it was just really dusty. One of the new Elders in my apartment is still pretty homesick. Tries not to show it too much. I read him my first journal entires out in the field to remind him that I too had to adjust to missionary life here. He does little funny things that just make the rest of us laugh. Has a good Donald Duck voice too. I feel bad that I had a fruitful area like Obuasi as my first and his area is new. Not much progression in either companionship. We already have people telling us to come for Christmas meals. Oh boy I think I'll just wear my belt a little loose that day in preparation. I'm not sure how to say Happy Birthday in Twi. Everyone says it in English. By the way I did get the Birthday package. Awesome guys :) How badly are you wanting me to learn Twi though? ;)  I'm excited to talk to you all soon! If you have any questions remember to write them down. All that snow sounds cold. The Ghanains in the apartment are very concerned about my sugar intake. They just watched in disbelief as I inhaled all the sour patch kids and poured the leftover sugar into a very happy belly. They could barely finish a few. You should've seen their faces with the pop-rocks. Ghanaians don't eat sugar at all and I had to keep assuring them that I wouldn't die. Well, I think I'll just leave it at that and send a few pictures. See ya! 

-Elder Silva

“My horse” Howdy (reference to Grandpa J) 

I treated myself way too nicely at KFC.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Found potatoes in Kumasi.  Glad Mom showed me how to do this.

Powerful missionaries!  It’s been a fun apartment.

 Last time at Primary here in Atonsu.