Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meat pies and Relief Society Sisters.

WHAT!!!?! HOLY SMOKES THAT'S AWESOME!!! (His cousin got mission call to Central Eurasian/Kazakhstan Mission.)

Wow what an experience. I think Drew Bailey went on that same mission. I remember him also giving me mission advice before I left. So this is the year Zach graduates from school right? Well duh I guess you would have told me all about his graduation had it been last year.
Alright let me tell you what’s been going on here before I respond to anything else. I just couldn't say anything without first reacting to Zach's call. As for us here in this small African town, we are.... umm.... happy and a bit stressed. Really nothing that hasn't happened many times before. The best news is that three of our investigators were baptized with possibly 2 more soon!! Great day! But we are still having a hard time finding new investigators. As I said, it's pretty usual. The baptisms went very well and the branch is always asking how our "fishes" are doing. The Relief Society anniversary was this last Sunday and ours celebrated with meat pies (no not a pie like home full of meat... I wish) and matching outfits. It was powerful. I have also been sleeping outside my room for a bit since I had a large infestation of bed bugs. I finally figured out the mystery of the itching. Our contacting has been very bad as of late. Whole days spent with 2 or 3 lessons, but the rain is also returning so that makes up for that. Alright so the other Obroni (white boy) is named Elder Lesh. He may be leaving in a week or so and I don't want him to yet.

Well I’ll leave everything at that for now. Pray for our finding this week and know that if Dad is fat when I get home, (joke between he and his Dad) I'll never stop laughing. Then I'll remember when I was fat on the mission and I'll humble myself a little.

-Elder Silva

Mangos are popping up faster than rabbits here.

March 14, 2016

Ah another great e-mail from everyone. The thing I love about them is that I can tell that you all at least put effort into your writing.  Just enough to really make me smile. Well yeah I guess things are the same except for one thing.... 3 upcoming baptisms!! woo! Alright, alright I shouldn't count my chicks before they hatch, but they really are looking good. Abesim has had a handful of people progressing now and we're super excited. Just that after that we won’t have anyone else ready. We've dropped about everyone else and the last time we contacted for almost the whole day we had 2 lessons. Long day.

I think the only thing really wrong with my life right now is that I don't get to see Mom's trapeze act. Maybe you could just send me pictures ;) ...Speaking of that, my card reader is finally up and running again. Now It's been months since my last picture send so I'll only send what I think is the best. The mangos are popping up faster than rabbits and they should be ripening in the next month or so. Excited for that. The branch has a temple trip coming up and I'm really hoping a lot of these members can go. The weather is now humid again, but the rain storms are passing over Abesim. Me and my companion think It's because people in Abesim don't want to repent, haha when Em says harsh conditions I'm imagining the Sahara or Mount Everest. Really I'm adjusted and I don't consider them to be harsh. As a matter of fact I realized that unless someone points it out, I don't really notice the heat anymore. Well I'm afraid this e-mail will be a tad shorter this week to allow for more picture time.

See ya next week!

-Elder Silva

The Hamatan Sun 

Our apartment people. 

Behold the area!

One of the best ideas I ever had. 

Boxing with our rock hard bread

Brooke helped me design my latest planner. Happy Valentine's Day...missionary style. 

Save me a Cadbury Egg.

Mar 7, 2016

You know it comes to a point where I just love reading these, that I have not idea what to say in return. Ah the stress. Well this week was actually busy with extra activities. We went to a mid-training meeting in Kumasi with the Mission President. It was great and some good points were made. Of course we hit the KFC on the way home and I spent a little too much money. Oh well you gotta enjoy in those moments right? This week we were actually able to get a handful of referrals. It's a HUGE help to the work, so we're pretty pleased. At least it will make this week easier. Honestly sometimes I just have weeks where I don't know where the next appointment will come from and I don't want to spend the whole time contacting. Normally it seems normal, but as a trainer it's a little different. My son is still getting used to plans falling apart. On that note, me and my companion are getting along fairly well. On further news, we had a District Conference this week and I'm really not sure how it went. There was too much English and people were falling asleep. It really was nice to see everyone, since missionary work usually means being cooped up in a village with just your roommates. We ended up having 5 investigators show up and two of them were a surprise. All in all, things are looking up and we're expecting at least 2 baptisms this month. As for me personally I'm still good. In all honesty, a bit tired, but I still have a lot to do here. The rain did indeed come and our apartment was flooded. about 10 buckets full. We are getting that fixed, so don't worry. The rains are infrequent, but the humidity has definitely returned. It's nice, but sticky.

The mangos will be ripe in the upcoming months and I'm excited to get back to mango munching. I would sure like one of those cadbury eggs, but I'll wait a bit longer. You may have to tuck one away for me later (don't hide it in the oven again mom) haha. I'm glad everyone's getting along at home. For every mean word you have to buy another cadbury egg for me. Deal?..... I'll take the silence as a rousing aye! Well as for Mom's question, my socks are torn apart, but I'll just buy new ones. I've repaired my keen sandals a number of times, and they're still kickin! My shirts aren't quite as white and my missionary tag is half broken, but other than that... naw I'm good. I honestly don't know much about Sister missionaries. They're around, but I've never served close to any of them, and most of my zones and Districts are sister-less. Well Em I would like to tell you some things about what to expect from the culture, but It's really become so normal to me, that I'm not quite sure what exactly would surprise you. Well fam. have a sweet week (is that an Easter pun or am I too soon?) and enjoy having the family more complete again with Em there.

Till next week.

-Elder Silva