Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We dey laughing well well.

Jan 24, 2015

Hello once again fam! As for me it was a very average week, which means it was good and pleasant. It makes me feel good to hear that things are moving along back home. Today we had a good zone activity and I'll send pictures. As for the work, we met plenty of people as usual and we are teaching a new family. As usual there is a language barrier but members and my Ghanaian companion help with that. The daughter can speak English and she is the one progressing the most. As most missionaries do, we struggle with getting people to church. We did have 2 women come and we are looking at baptizing them in February. It feels so good to have possible baptisms. Everyone is trying to do the best work they can in their area. I mentioned before, but my area is another village. It means it's difficult to find more people and even more difficult to find good English. Also it's a small branch so member support isn't always there. These members are a tight knit group however and they are willing to help when asked. We finally got some moisture this week. It stormed throughout one night and woke us all up. Since then there's been no sign of rain, but it should be coming. A quick update on my personal studies; I've been distracted with books and other things, but I have two books left to go in the Old Testament! I'll most likely finish it this week. Wow what a trip! After that I really want to do more New Testament, but I feel like I haven't been reading the Book of Mormon as much as I should. Our District is doing well and we're trying to come up with something fun to do in a couple of weeks. We'll see what happens. We have a somehow new missionary couple in the Mission called the Wardles from Washington. They're the supplies and nurse couple. They've popped in and out everywhere and came to our last District Meeting and our Zone activity today. They're a fun pair and it's really nice just to hang out with them for a bit. I was pleased to show off our clean apartment, but had to promise him we would maintain that cleanliness. I'd say we've done pretty well so far. I hope this habit of trying to stay clean will continue at home. My health is great and I'd say I'm probably at my best so far on mission in that regard. Well family. That's it for this week. Enjoy as always and keep smiling. 

-Elder Silva 

Jan 18, 2015

I just want you to know that I really did think twice before sending that mouse picture but... Well I just couldn't help it! This week has been a bit of up and down. We are working with a sister who lives far but comes to church on Sunday. We taught her at church on Sunday and she is wanting to be baptized. Miracles. Unfortunately, apart from her, we don’t have many to teach. We had a couple come close, but it's not looking good. I got the ipod and it's very nice. I'm adding a little CeCe Winans if that's alright, haha. We have a specialized training coming up this week with Pres. and Sis. Cosgrave. Apparently the Zone leaders are the ones instructing though. I'm also running out of things to instruct on as a District Leader. I've never been one to read a section and talk about what we read. I try to make mine memorable. I'll make it through this time, but if you have ever had any memorable instructions (if you can remember) could you let me know? It seems that the Hamatan is dying down and I'm itching for that first rainfall. I'll probably regret it when I run home sopping wet again though. It seems that all is well in that place called Idaho. Which country is that in again? Oh and by the way Mom's Pidgin had all of us cracking up. We dey laughing well well. Well all in all I'm still fine and still teaching. Greet one another with an holy kiss and keep asking yourselves "Is the Gospel still working for me?" It always does. Love you guys. 

-Elder Silva

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sorry, I couldn't resist mom...

Jan 11, 2015

So yes it's still plenty hot here. Particularly today. My wash is mostly done and the apartment was cleaned of all that Hamatan dust. We had another baptism yesterday! January is pretty much complete and we're looking forward to February. We’re teaching several people, but are still trying to find new people. Everyone in the apartment is well. Our 8 week transfer is feeling long, especially since we have another one next time. Long weeks, but I can count my blessings that the people here are good. Elder Lesh's hand is finally done swelling. My Sunday dinner was noodles. Just Ramen noodles. Normal dinner. I might be able to find some potatoes in market today to make french fries though. Good to hear that Em's in her ole' mission stomping grounds. That would be sweet to stay at the mission home, just for a visit. Sorry that Brooke twisted her ankle. I strained my shoulder from exercising the other day, but it felt fine exercising this morning. Piano's over for Brooke? All I can say is that piano is all about practice. That's it. I'm not good at practicing piano. It's not easy, but try to learn the hymns at least. I've had plenty of opportunities to play here, because no one knows how to play the piano. I wish I could say that makes me a master, but I still struggle. I'm also still learning in the scriptural aspect. Once I finish Ezekiel iIll be close to finishing the Old Testament... finally. I guess everything is going well and apparently it is back home as well. Enjoy the week and give each other a hug today. 

-Elder Silva

Christmas Chickens

Beautiful eyes. ..We let it go of course. 

Kentampu Falls

Sorry, I couldn't resist ;) 

Unknowingly disturbing wasp hives is a NO GOOD idea.

Jan 4, 2016
   Well I suppose a lot has happened in two weeks eh? At least for me. Let's see... first off I can't send any pictures. I was looking forward to that. Next week? We had a baptism on Sunday! Wohoo! She had been long in the waiting, but she finally decided to take that leap of faith. Another investigator in that same boat is also being baptized this upcoming Sunday. Some more investigators may be ready for January. Sure makes the District Leader feel at ease. I finally got over my sickness after Christmas and I'm feeling well with a spring in my step. It sure was a pain to watch all that Christmas food pass me by though. The New Years was good. We drank sparkling cider and blew a few Roman candles. All of this was done with our neighbors. They're a fun bunch. Not members, but we have tried teaching a couple.
Spiritual experience?  Well one was when we stopped to visit the Nigerian family I met from weeks back. They just had a new baby girl who is absolutely adorable. They are leaving this week, so we sat and talked for awhile. They asked me to bless their baby. Obviously I can't do an actual baby blessing, but I prayed for their family. In doing so I felt the spirit very strong there. Great family. As for funny, we, (the Zone) went to a place called "Kentampo Falls". The waterfall was nice and I'll send pictures. While there, me and some guys decided to venture off into the bush to find our way to the top of the falls. We got about halfway when we got stuck. Me and another Elder were up ahead and unknowingly disturbed a good sized wasp hive (not the American wasps...these ones are much more fierce). The Elders who followed after us got quite the surprise. Thankfully no one is allergic, but I'll never forget the image of Elder Rindlisbacher running toward us shouting "ow! ow! oh! oo! ow!" (wasn’t so funny for him)!  We had a good time and are already planning our next activity. It was nice skyping with you guys over Christmas! And overall I'm great and hope you are as well. Enjoy the week. Have fun at school you two! 

-Elder Silva

Dec 21, 2015

I almost left, but I thought I would check out this e-mail one more time. Haha sorry for almost forgetting. So in short, I'm doing fine and dandy. Thanks so much for the pictures as always. So for skyping my schedule is very flexible. I'll shift things around if I have to. It would make the most sense for me to e-mail afternoon-evening (my time). As for how late it can go, the place won't close that early so I'm o.k. Will Grandma be sleeping there Christmas Eve, or is 11:00 just after you have done everything you've wanted to? Let's say this; I'm open anywhere from 3:00 PM going. That's 8:00 AM going for you. I'll be able to get things done by that time. So I will call you around that time to see what you are doing, and you tell me when I should try to Skype. Sound good? Alright gang, that'll be the plan for now. I hope I still remember our phone number haha. Have a great one! 

-Elder Silva

Amen Sister. Amen.


Well things are busy. Sunyani is a nice place compared to everywhere I've been in the Ashanti region. It just seems a bit more developed. Less dirty, more organized and a tad bit more English. The branch I'm in is small. It reminds me a lot of Agona. The members are very welcoming and I've made fast friends. The apartment is two companionships (4 Elders). One of them is my MT (in the MTC with me) Elder Khumalo from South Africa. He's one of my favorite missionaries and it's fun to be with him. We like to talk about the gospel a lot. He is training a great new Elder, Elder Lesh from Washington state. My companion is from Cape Coast in Ghana. He speaks Twi very well and he can chastise investigators well ha. I went to buy something at a shop one evening and a woman asked me if I could greet her husband. We went there. We talked about The Restoration (I was in my casual clothes and without scriptures). Felt kinda strange. He's a little stubborn, but his wife shows a lot of potential. He was asking a lot of questions about how we worship and just as I'm about to say it the wife says, "why don't you just go and see?" Amen sister. Amen. They're only here for about a month for work. They are from Nigeria. Apart from that not too much has happened. I know my Zone Leaders well personally. It makes things much more fun. The District Leader business is good. As a matter a fact, it gives me more to do in the evening, when there's not much to do.

The missionary work can be challenging in working with the branches, but it’s going along as best as it can.  I do hope you will be able to get a white Christmas and that there will be plenty of cookies and mistletoe. The best thing for skyping with me is really just to tell me what time is best for you. As time goes on, I will most likely call the phone that day to let you know what my plans are. Thanks for forwarding the letter. As always I wish everyone a super happy week. Love you! 

-Elder Silva