Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sorry, I couldn't resist mom...

Jan 11, 2015

So yes it's still plenty hot here. Particularly today. My wash is mostly done and the apartment was cleaned of all that Hamatan dust. We had another baptism yesterday! January is pretty much complete and we're looking forward to February. We’re teaching several people, but are still trying to find new people. Everyone in the apartment is well. Our 8 week transfer is feeling long, especially since we have another one next time. Long weeks, but I can count my blessings that the people here are good. Elder Lesh's hand is finally done swelling. My Sunday dinner was noodles. Just Ramen noodles. Normal dinner. I might be able to find some potatoes in market today to make french fries though. Good to hear that Em's in her ole' mission stomping grounds. That would be sweet to stay at the mission home, just for a visit. Sorry that Brooke twisted her ankle. I strained my shoulder from exercising the other day, but it felt fine exercising this morning. Piano's over for Brooke? All I can say is that piano is all about practice. That's it. I'm not good at practicing piano. It's not easy, but try to learn the hymns at least. I've had plenty of opportunities to play here, because no one knows how to play the piano. I wish I could say that makes me a master, but I still struggle. I'm also still learning in the scriptural aspect. Once I finish Ezekiel iIll be close to finishing the Old Testament... finally. I guess everything is going well and apparently it is back home as well. Enjoy the week and give each other a hug today. 

-Elder Silva

Christmas Chickens

Beautiful eyes. ..We let it go of course. 

Kentampu Falls

Sorry, I couldn't resist ;) 

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