Friday, May 8, 2015

KFC in Kumasi.

Hello dear family of mine! 

This morning was kinda cool. My companion (Elder Ejodamen) had to get an x-ray done of his left arm. He had an accident when he was a kid so his left arm can't go any further than a 90.... where is the degree sign on a keyboard??... funny, I should know that... anyways recently it has been acting up so Elder and Sister Barney came to drive us around Kumasi. I haven't been in a nice car like that for a long time. I can't believe how much more fun traveling is with air conditioning haha. We saw that they have just built a KFC here in Kumasi. It opens on Wednesday. Elder and Sister Barney told us they would let us know if it is anywhere close to good ol' USA standards. This week was a marked improvement from previous weeks and I'm very relieved. We broke through "the great investigator drought" (as I like to call it) and were able to find 6 more this week. Only 1 came to church, but it's better than last week's zero. All in all the work is improving. The bad part is that I'm pretty sure this was the hottest week I've ever experienced in Ghana. I lost all of my handkerchiefs too including the new one I just bought. Man those things are so important to have. Don't think of sending any though, there are plenty here. I've thought of a few things to add to last week's list of things to bring to Ghana, Kumasi. As for the Skype session, I have plans....yes missionaries, as unpredictable as our days are, can have plans. It will be done on Sunday. What I may do is call at some point this week as soon as I have all of the details I need. It won't be a call for chatting but a call for planning to chat, so resist the temptation to make it last longer than needs be ha. I'm pretty sure you're in afternoon church now. My church will end around 6:00-6:30 A:M your time. I'll be available roughly 7:30-8:00 AM, so the call will have to be before or after your church. Think about what works best for you. My schedule will be entirely open. It'll be awesome to see Grandma too! Alright now onto your e-mail. Yes I know Brooke doesn't have much to say, but I love her anyways. :) Next time drown her in some love potion #10 before she sits down at the computer. I guess school's coming down to a close. Funny how quickly months and weeks go by on a mission. I guess what it feels like is that no time moves on a mission, but time speeds up at home. Funny how that feels, then again this transfer is already halfway over. I might only have 3 weeks left with Ejodamen. Actually I'm almost positive of that. I still can't believe Brooke's driving. Always glad to hear you get to spend time with the rest of the family, especially Grandma. 
The spirit is always present in Ghana, Kumasi and I've been fortunate enough to feel plenty of it this week. 

Until next week! Me dowapaaaa!!!

-Elder Silva