Sunday, January 24, 2016

Amen Sister. Amen.


Well things are busy. Sunyani is a nice place compared to everywhere I've been in the Ashanti region. It just seems a bit more developed. Less dirty, more organized and a tad bit more English. The branch I'm in is small. It reminds me a lot of Agona. The members are very welcoming and I've made fast friends. The apartment is two companionships (4 Elders). One of them is my MT (in the MTC with me) Elder Khumalo from South Africa. He's one of my favorite missionaries and it's fun to be with him. We like to talk about the gospel a lot. He is training a great new Elder, Elder Lesh from Washington state. My companion is from Cape Coast in Ghana. He speaks Twi very well and he can chastise investigators well ha. I went to buy something at a shop one evening and a woman asked me if I could greet her husband. We went there. We talked about The Restoration (I was in my casual clothes and without scriptures). Felt kinda strange. He's a little stubborn, but his wife shows a lot of potential. He was asking a lot of questions about how we worship and just as I'm about to say it the wife says, "why don't you just go and see?" Amen sister. Amen. They're only here for about a month for work. They are from Nigeria. Apart from that not too much has happened. I know my Zone Leaders well personally. It makes things much more fun. The District Leader business is good. As a matter a fact, it gives me more to do in the evening, when there's not much to do.

The missionary work can be challenging in working with the branches, but it’s going along as best as it can.  I do hope you will be able to get a white Christmas and that there will be plenty of cookies and mistletoe. The best thing for skyping with me is really just to tell me what time is best for you. As time goes on, I will most likely call the phone that day to let you know what my plans are. Thanks for forwarding the letter. As always I wish everyone a super happy week. Love you! 

-Elder Silva

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