Monday, January 19, 2015

New area, new companion...and DL :O

OM NOM NOM NOM!!! that's the sound of me scarfing down a meat pie, because I didn't eat breakfast...Just thought I would let you know. The work of the Lord is progressing. We have some great investigators that we are now preparing. The branch is growing. I've gotta say that's one of the most rewarding feelings, is seeing a branch grow as much as I've seen it grow and being a part of it. It really makes everything feel worth it.  I won't have the opportunity to teach these new investigators however, because I'm being transferred to "Efijuasi" (that's how it's pronounced, don't ask me how to spell it.) It's an area near Kumasi, so hopefully that means my mail problem will be fixed. My new companion is Elder O from Nigeria. Here's the strange part. He's about 14 months on the mission and I'm going to be the Senior companion... and District Leader. A tad nervous, but that's mostly just the fear of the unknown. I"m leaving to a training tomorrow so that should help a lot. Packing has been hectic, but one Elder in my apartment just got a washing machine so washing was easy. Too bad he got it just as I was leaving. So that's the news for this week. Enjoy life while you can, because once certain things are taken away from you (like pizza) you'll realize how awesome your life was. Well let's put my cleanliness in this perspective. I've improved. I keep things fairly organized, but not sparkly clean. Actually I don't like staying in sparkly clean places. I'd prefer that the room looks lived in at least. However I have noticed how easy doing some simple cleaning chores can be. After I finish cooking I immediately wash the dishes I use. They're easier to wash that way and I never have to come home to dirty dishes. I was literally blown away by this. The Elder replacing me is from Australia. He's my MT (he was in the MTC with me). He's a big guy with a sweet accent. I'm glad my investigators and recent converts are left in his hands. Studying the scriptures really helps make missionary work come alive. Plus you get to read about all the cool stories you never knew about. It seems like all I ever learned in church was from the Book of Mormon or the 4 gospels. Once I go beyond that I run into all kinds of new stories. Wow this is a long e-mail. If you want you could send me a pizza or a car. If that's not withing your abilities then you can just keep sending me news from home and Brooke's awesome pictures. 

Have a great week guys! -Elder Silva

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