Monday, August 17, 2015

No Preach My Gospel regurgitations here!

August 10, 2015

I know that sometimes it may seem like a chore to write to me, but sometimes it also feels the same way here. That sounds kind of terrible doesn't it? Alright forget everything. Go to the bedroom, lay down in your bed, rise up out of bed as if you just woke up, walk to the computer, open this e-mail and pretend that none of that ever happened... Hellooooo Gorgeous family! Alright the truth is that I'm usually time-pressed and your emails are so nice that I don't know quite how to respond. Well actually I knew exactly how to respond to the intro. In my head, a dull ringing from the initial drop to the floor, my abs twice as powerful from the uncontrolled motions of my jiggling belly and my smile extra bright as I read the remainder of the letter..... drat I still don't know how to start off. Alright first off, could you send me a new journal?  Mine will be filled soon and no this is not just an excuse to get more packages. I just never remember to ask for those things. As for the area, well it's not bad. This is the last week of the transfer and Elder Anderson will be going home early next week. He said it feels like it won't happen. A dream. Mine is more like a legend told by veteran warriors over roaring fires and topped off ale. As you can tell I have a little extra time so I can afford to be fun with my e-mails. I hope I don't ever bore you. We have an Elder coming for a mission tour soon. I can't remember his name but this next transfer will be busy. President and Sister Cosgrave are wonderful people. The zone has also reached an all time high. Baptisms are looking good. No one was quite ready yet in our area.  
(Answering Mom’s health concerns)  As far as my health goes, this is actually the healthiest I've been on the mission. Stomachs may rage, cockroaches may combine, rumors about the rich white man church may defame, but Elder Silva will go forth sweaty and smiling. I'll try to send more pictures that you want - more gross things, like the cockroach that climbed out of the sink when Elder Anderson was brushing his teeth... sorry I had to pause there and laugh!

We have Zone Meetings once a month. We should have one coming up soon.? District Meetings once a week. Zone conferences every now and then.  Well I guess I'll leave it at that. The page looks pretty full.
May God bless you with a wonderful week. Enjoy!
-Elder Silva

August 17, 2015

Here people, bleach their skin from the sun, to look less black. Funny how we tan and they bleach. Anyways, I think I'll get straight to spiritual experiences for Mom. Every day isn't a "the other side of heaven" miracle, but neat things do happen every now and then. We had a woman stop us when we were at a shop getting some bread for my grumbling stomach and asked us who we were. We told her and she told us to follow her a ways down the road to her house. She wanted us to talk to her son, because he is a drunkard. He was sober when we came and we taught him "The Gospel of Jesus Christ." If that's new mission vocab for you oldies it means we taught him about faith and repentance and saving ordinances. He of course expressed a desire to change but coming from an addict I tend to have my doubts on his following up. He was, however, very interested and agreed to us coming back. It is his mother that has me excited however. She's very concerned for the well being of her son and responded to what little she heard of the lesson very positively. I didn't see any blazing bush, but I just felt so confident and natural in teaching that lesson.  It wasn't just a regurgitation of "Preach My Gospel," but we really connected with the windows of heaven. Those are the best lessons. As for news from me, yes Elder Anderson is going home tomorrow to that Utah place. My new companion is Elder Anan from Uganda. I hope I got the name right, haha. I look forward to meeting with him. I get the chance to go to Effiduasi and stay with those Elders waiting for my new companion, so I get to see some of my old area. Looking forward to that. I'm glad to hear that Mom and Dad got to go to the temple. I also look forward to doing that in a year. Mom and Dad sold my baby green car? Well, I didn't take much pride in it anyhow, obvious from how I cleaned it. I've learned a great lesson about cleanliness on my mission however, so don't be afraid to buy me “Kolchak's mustang” when I get back. The members are still learning every day, and the new Branch President seems to be adjusting well. The weather has been incredibly humid for the past little while. Doesn't bother me a bit though. You really become acclimatized to this place after a while. Of course that just means that I'll freeze when I get home. One morning it got to 77 degrees and I was cuddled in my bed sheets.
I just want to wish everyone a great week and a happy day!
-Elder Silva  

Some of the fruits of farm work. Corn! 

Elder Anderson's last Sunday. 

Me pounding fufu in my Jalabia. 

President and Sister Cosgrave. 

Cute Muslim girls. 

Waakye (rice and beans) eaten straight from the bag. One of my morning favorites. 

What happens when I fall asleep. 

Mom Zoza recently had eye surgery. I think she looks like an FBI agent conducting an interrogation, ha. 

I still brush my teefums!

Wading through the "El Rio Del Cocodrilos" river on the way to farm just this morning. Needless to say I stank. 

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