Sunday, October 11, 2015

News Cast Alert.

September 28, 2015

       I can't get any pictures to you this week, mostly because I didn't really take any. You know that seems to happen when you get older in the mission. Next week. Me ba wai. (I'm coming). Well Mother I can't help but answer your questions, because those make my e-mails longer and I feel better when I leave my loving family with more words than, "hey... I'm alive." or "did work...small week wai." I don't know if I should start with those questions, or with all of the news I have for you. Alright one coin flip later and questions are last. "Here's Stevy MC T.V and Cruz Mcnews with the most recent mission news from Ghana Kumasi. "Well Steve there is certainly a lot happening recently down in the wet side of the dark continent."  S  "That's right Cruz whether it be a branch, ward, bush or city, it seems that none have escaped the effects of this transfer." "I'd like to think of it as one big scrambled egg. Speaking of which I hear that indeed those missionaries are eating mostly eggs... like everyday." "Food is old news Cruz, we're here to talk about Agona Branch." C “Right indeed, if the mission is a scrambled egg, then Agona branch is a piece of toast that has been cut in half four different ways!" "Hey just like my Mom" "And this Branch Steve also has a mother, a new mother!" "That's right Cruz, on today's headlines Elder Halliday of the missionary couple elite has been selected as the new Branch President of the Agona Branch" (party noises). C What a shocker folks and . . . I'm sorry I can't keep this up guys, I don't have enough time haha. Yes our Branch President has been changed and that is good news for this small branch. I gave a spontaneous talk and priesthood lesson on Sunday. Good thing I had plenty of practice with those at home ha. I actually believe I did well and President Halliday agrees. He said he'll miss me. Why? ...Well because I'm being transferred! Yes only 3 months in Agona. Now I'm going to Atonso (don't know spelling) in Kumasi city itself. You know what that means? a ward.... new experience for me. They'll probably want me to go to meetings... and stuff. Not used to this. My new companion is Elder Anan from Ghana. I've actually been to the apartment before. It's nice and big for 2 missionaries. That's right, another 2 man apartment. Oh well. I haven't seen a whole lot happen in Agona, but I'm not leaving it feeling like I've done nothing. As for today, I went to Bonwire (pronounced bone-re) and bought some Kente (local Ghanian material). This may be my last chance to come to those Kente villages. I have to pack... I hate packing. All the missionaries meet at metromass for transfers. I've decided to call it Metro-mess. Well on to the questions then: Yes we eat the same foods everyday. I just got done eating rice and some fried yams with small stew and Shito (a spicy sauce). Yes I eat (I'm not starving), but I sure don't like eating sometimes. I eat to fill, not to enjoy. Alright my little newscast left me with little time. Catch you all on the other end. 
Wish me luck! 

-Elder Silva

October 6, 2015

            I  just have a small window to let you know I’m alive, haha. Could you tell me who the new apostles are please? remember I don't get conference over here. I'll get the conference liahona in a few weeks or so. Also what's up with the pope? On to more “important” things... like me! (trying to sound like emperor kuzco there. Me and another missionary were talking about it the other day.) . . . this keyboard is terrible. Anyways I was wrong about the ward, I'm still in a branch. It”s a bigger place however, and our area is beyond big. There were two companionships in Atonsu, but because of missionary shortages, we are now only one and we cover both areas. Two area books and everything. Not easy. The branch is good. The main problem is that every member is a Sunday member. In other words all they do is come to Sunday service and then forget about church. Tough to get them to midweek or to even make friendships with each other. Did we have midweek at home?  We did get to have two baptisms on Sunday though. Can't really take the credit since I've only been here for a week. My new companion Elder Annan is a very sweet companion. He's Ghanain, so his twi comes in handy. He smiles a lot and is a happy guy. Whenever he complains about something he'll say "Companion, frankly speaking..." haha every time he says that I just laugh. Our apartment is the best I've had so far. Overall it's a good area. Yes it's nice to move, but sometimes it can seem a bit too soon.  Agona was 3 months. However where i am right now, i'm glad i moved. my scripture study is moving into.... wait for it.... Isaiah! aaaaahhhh! I only was able to get through the first chapter today, but it didn't seem that bad at all. It helps when you've read most of the old testament first. Boy i'll miss Halloween for the last time on mission. I'll be a 20 year old with a sweet tooth coming for next Halloween. Alright I'll have to go. sorry for getting this out a day late. Monday was murder. I'll catch you all next week with pictures. In the meantime, I love you. 

-Elder Silva

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