Thursday, October 16, 2014

I got a package, I got a package, I got a package, hey hey hey hey.

Halloween's a fun time. Too bad it's not a holiday here in Ghana. So just part of my camera broke, but there's not really anyone who can repair it here. I might end up withdrawing a bit of personal to get a new one. Heck I wish I had internet and technology again; this keyboard is terrible! It's not easy to use. Alright I'm low on time now. Have a wonderful week my awesome family! 

-Elder Silva

 I had a better picture, but those are bedbugs found in Elder R's bed.
 We harvested cocoa at the farm. I never expected it to look like this.
 Guess who got a package from you?
 Road to a farm. No Ebola in Ghana yet. I always seem to be a bit sick though. After talking with president, I learned that most Elders, as soon as they leave Obuasi, feel much healthier. Just my luck:) ...The people in Obuasi are great though. Even the Muslims are very peaceful compared to the radicals in the middle east.
Brother T came to church in style.

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