Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Alright so the internet is extremely sluggish today so I haven't been able to do much. I'll try to write plenty to you. I haven't heard any of conference yet, but we should be getting a magazine soon. I'm anxious to read. This is my day to breath this week, but I've been breathing in a lot of heat lately. Seriously it's so hot here. After awhile my body just starts to ignore it and it becomes normal to me. I'm sharing that joke you sent me with everyone at home tonight. I'll even credit you. :) The only sad part is how true that joke can be. Some get baptized and never come again for confirmation. I can't send mail today, because today is a Muslim holiday. Something about eating lots of meat. Glad to see you're trying to write longer, but I don't judge you for it's length. I seem to recall some times where MY letters to Em in the mission field were pretty short. Thank you for the pictures. They always make me smile. I had my 5th member meal yesterday. They're not bad, but they give you soooo much. I've eaten many local foods. Fried plantains are too sweet. Fufu is too hard to swallow. Banku is a little easier. Jollof rice is good, but too much fish. All in all they give me too much. Also they have a whole new concept of meat here. Most of it's just skin and bone and here they eat all of it. Bone takes some getting used to, but it's edible. We're a little dry of investigators here. We've tried to do some finding and we've had some success. One of the most promising girls is attracted to me. Not to make myself sound big, but it happens more than it should. I'm running short of time so I'll leave it at that for now. Love you all and I wish you a great week. 

-Elder Silva

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