Monday, September 22, 2014

Lion King Kittens.

This picture is of the baptism of one of my favorite families in the world. They are all such a charming group. They are super strong in the gospel now as well. It's pretty cloudy, but boy does it get sizzlin when that sun hits. I've never been under a sun so hot. In response to Brooke's question. Well, there have actually been some neat experiences this week. For one, I received your package. The drink mixes are being put to much good use and the picture with the cookies had me laughing for a good long while. Seriously it was hilarious. I hate to beg, but seriously Brooke, I need more. Speaking of pictures I finally got your alligator one! Took forever, but it's really impressive. All of my roommates think you have some great talent. Sister Esinam was talking to a friend and told him that the "Elders dropped by again. He looked confused and mentioned that it was the first time she had referred to us as "Elders". Rather she always uses the term "Brother". She has such a wonderful spirit and I pray for her testimony every day. I also found that I lost the term "Apartment" somehow this week. It's been replaced with "home". It's a small change, but it makes a difference. Do I eat American food? ..You've got to be kidding. Haha I have to get inventive in the kitchen for anything like that to happen. Usually it's rice and bread, but I can make some mean noodles, hot dogs and french toast as well as stew with rice. 

Found some cute kittens at the apartment. This picture is the closest I'll ever get to the Lion King in Africa. I had fu-fu once and I don't want it again anytime soon. The taste is good but oh man, it's difficult to swallow. I've had rice ball more often, which has an easier texture. I don't know if I've said this before, but the pineapple here is really good. All of your e-mails are really nice and dad's make me laugh. Laughing is so important on a mission for me.

'Mufasa and Simba'

...Another shot of my desk. These pictures are old, but I'll try to get some newer ones to you next week. Oh guess what? The water is back! after two months I get to use a shower and flush the toilet. Boy life is great. Take care family. 

-Elder Silva

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