Monday, September 1, 2014

Obroni (White Man).

This is a picture of us braving the Obuasi rain. So this part of the E-mail will be short, because my session will expire soon. I will be able to get an extra half hour soon though, so I'll send more separately. Sundays for me are great. The church here can be a little unorganized compared to wards back home, but we as missionaries are working with branch leaders to put things like home teaching and the like together. The more I get to know the members, the happier my Sundays are. I'm still adjusting, but things seem normal now. I had fufu last week. Think of taking raw bread dough, dipping it in soup and eating it. It's not bread (Casava) but the texture is just the same. It tastes good, but my gag reflex doesn't like to accept it. We've had 3 baptisms lately. It is such a fulfilling feeling to call them members rather than investigators. Speaking of investigators, I received Emily's colorful letter yesterday. No others yet. Yes Africa is far away. In reality I'm almost exactly half-way across the world. It took Emily's letter about two weeks to arrive here.

 My Sabbath Day was very rewarding yesterday as I had the opportunity to baptize three of my investigators. It really makes the work all worth it. My first baptism was a little humorous. Ghanians don't like water much and I have to baptize four times before it was done correctly. Here is a picture of one of the baptisms. This is Sister R. She is such a powerful individual and I see her having a very bright future. She just moved to another area for school, so we don't get to see her anymore. She will be back in December, so there's a good chance I will still be in Obuasi by then. By the way Brooke I love your style of humor in your letters. Seriously I had a couple curious Ghanians looking over at the Obroni caught in a fit of giggles. I will pray for you Brooke as you go into Highschool. Good luck!

Here are some of the Akuras (children), chasing the Obroni (White Man). Sometimes they come in packs and swarms. The investigator pool is doing well. We usually have at least a couple of serious investigators. The tough part is finding them. Pretty much all appointments fall through, so we just have to come and surprise them. Usually then, they will have an excuse. My favorites are when the kids say "Um, she says that she's not here."

Here is a picture of me fetching water to wash my clothes. So in answer to Dad's question, no I wish we had a maid. We have been out of water for a little more than a week now, so we have to fetch it from a well every morning. Good to see that your team is one step closer to the world cup Dad. Hang in there. I played futbol fairly often in the MTC, but here not so much. We haven't yet had an organized activity for p-days yet, but there will be one soon. I did had a small lizard land on my arm the other day, so I guess you wouldn't have been completely lying. ha. I've always loved your humor dad. I play piano every now and then, but I actually bought a cheap keyboard the other day, so I'm trying to take some time to practice a bit. I really love how the plaque turned out. Meedasi (thank you). Love you all!
-Elder Silva

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