Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time to roll up my sleeves:)

43 minutes. Time to roll up my sleeves (not actually I always wear short sleeve) and start typing. I'm actually not sure how many are in our branch. It's difficult to tell when you have less actives as well. Well, we find an average of 6-8 new investigators a week, but it's all about sifting through the less serious ones. Right now we have a good 6-8 serious investigators right now that we're crossing our fingers for. We had 3 more baptisms last week making a total of 6 this transfer. They are all powerful converts. Two of them are from a part member family and it felt so good to see the family strengthen with new members. They will even chip in on the lessons and teach themselves. They seem unshakable. So Dad's home teaching companion is a new family? Be sure to tell them Akwaaba, welcome, for me. I'm glad to see he's getting his home teaching in. Be sure to help prepare the 16 year old for a mission, because at least for me, I couldn't have expected what I've experienced here. Me and my companion get along well. We all have days where we're tired or sick and are a little more on edge, but both of us understand that the work, and having good chemistry, is more important than personal feelings. He's a good teacher and we work well together. I'll have to tell you more about his life story later. The french toast has turned into the best thing I've eaten on this mission so far. I also was able to make a makeshift hotdog, and slice and fry some yam for makeshift french fries. Also another great meal. The laundry does take some time to do. I need to fetch two buckets from the well, and wash by hand. It gives me an incentive to get up on time on p-days though. Honestly I haven't really been taking any meds. My stomach has just been adjusting. I also don't really use the umbrella much. We walk all over town and I don't like carrying alot around with me, so if it rains there's no point in going back to the apartment to get my umbrella. Besides that the rain provides a nice break from the heat anyways. The Sahara heat isn't here yet, but when the sun's out in all it's glory it sure is hot. Tell Brooke I'll be feeling her pain, because I've started up a nightly work out routine. I'm really trying hard to keep it up every day, besides Sundays, for my entire mission. I love the pictures you put in these e-mails Brooke, and I look forward to receiving your latest picture. You're first one, not the alligator, is in the back of my journal. It's harder to work with the branch here as far as organization is concerned. I was grabbed to teach the youth Sunday school as it was starting this week. Good thing all of my last minute talks at home prepared me for that moment, because I'm actually very pleased with how the lesson turned out. I taught about commandments and how to get over those that seem more difficult than others. Football is a big deal here and I even told a few that my dad is a great football coach. No pressure. I love love love the pictures you sent. Honestly the house seems pretty surreal to me when I look at it. So many memories come to mind though. Don't worry, it's not making me homesick; infact it's encouraging me. Well I have more things I need to get done so I'll end it here. Have a wonderful week. Until next week! 
-Elder Silva

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