Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spreading the love.

First off thanks for the E-mail. I love communicating with you guys. I haven't seen any of Conference yet, but we should get a copy of the Conference Ensign edition. If not I'll let you know. Sounds like a sweet Easter. I bought a small bag of candy and spread the love. Easter here is celebrated much more than at home. Good Friday is a holiday. Easter Sunday is a holiday. Easter Monday (today) is also a holiday. We have 3 people wanting to feed us today. It should be a tasty day with plenty of fufu.
 Maybe I could send you some of my rain? It makes my shoes muddy and floods our apartment room. :P Investigators are coming hard recently, but the ones we were led to are some of the most powerful first contacts I've ever had. Cross your fingers. Three months until my year mark. Crazy huh? By the end of this week I'll be as old as my first companion when he trained me.

One thing is that meat comes harder here. I've grown used to eating fish. The way they make fish here I swore to myself I would never eat it. Guess I said that about a lot of things when I first came.  Duck is alright, but I feel like it would taste better if it was cooked by one of them Idaho hunting families. Mason and Carson's family always cooked good game. It's a shame you guys don't have a taste for it.
By the way I just got Mom's letter and Brooke's card yesterday. It took about a month to get here. That's mission mail for you. It was an awesome picture Brooke. Thanks.

Ivory Coast temple? That's fantastic news! There are only two temples in all of West Africa. A third is much welcome. Well I think I'll let the pictures speak for what happened this week. I'm still alive over here and kicking. Hope you guys have an awesome week!

 -Elder Silva

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