Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Q&A with Elder Silva

Who is your favorite investigator right now to teach?            
Do you have one that's particularly hard to teach?  

Hello again! I'll post a picture of my current favorite investigator. She's the one with the cat. We had one investigator who asked lots of questions and never accepted answers in lessons. He came to church once and scattered the investigator and Elder's quorum class by trying to convince them they were wrong. We taught him once more recently, but he still seems the same. We may end up dropping him.

Tell us about doing laundry there.  Do you use the plunger thing much or just scrub the clothes together - use cold water or warm it up sometimes?  How do you get wrinkles out when hanging the laundry?  Do you need more white shirts?  

Doing laundry takes a while. If we don't have water then we'll go to a well to fetch it. I scrub my clothes together. It used to make my fingers bleed, but I'm used to it now. Just coldish water with washing soap. We just hang them up on a line and iron them when they're dry. My white shirts are a bit dirty, but they're okay so far.

What is your nearest neighbor like? 

Our nearest neighbor is right next to us. The building is split in two and she occupies the other half. She's the landlord's daughter. Muslim since we live in the Zongo (Muslim community). She's nice to us and there's no problems. There's a man who parks his car in our compound so some mornings can be a bit noisy. Also the landlord's son will pop in randomly sometimes. He takes out our garbage and sometimes helps us clean though so it's not too bad.

It's funny how much your testimony grows here even when you think you already know a lot. I understand things so much clear than I ever did and every day my testimony of this miraculous gospel is strengthened. I'm so grateful to be part of a family where we are all active in the Lord's gospel. I'll have plenty of gospel topics to talk about later.
I didn't realize you guys were on Spring Break. I hope you enjoyed the breath of air. Now get ready to jump into the ocean of school again. I saw a test the other day from a student and I got scared. I didn't realize how good it feels to not have any grades to worry about. When I graduated I kept having dreams that I was still in school and I had missed tons of math homework.

One thing I never thought about; there's no such thing as cat food or dog food here. They just feed them scraps. The cats here eat rice and fish.

Students really are the hardest part of teaching right? I once taught 10 investigators at once. I don't know how Dad manages 20-30.

This may sound funny, but I miss mowing (no you can't use that against me when I'm home). I guess I just miss grass. Nothing but dirt here.

I've had a lot of learning about the Holy Ghost recently and my testimony of it is growing in a way that it never has before. A talk that Mom sent me about it helped a lot too. Well I think that's about it. This week was full of bad contacting, but I'll keep my eyes off of those waves. 

Enjoy the week and know that I love you all. 

-Elder Silva

I think she might be scared of me :/

Ghanaian sun with a haze and rooftops

 Here’s my current favorite investigator, Hannah. the owner of Adom the cat. Her second time at church. Pray for her. 

 It's hot, even in the shade. This wasn't very comfortable though so............

 I became Pharaoh.

 The boys came with style to church

 Missionaries in action!

 Common food. Yam, stew and fish.

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