Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pokemon in Ghana.

Hey everyone. 

Another week has come and gone and this time I'm in a nice internet cafe. I mean "nice" because everything here works smoothly. I don't have to wait 10 minutes just for one page to open and there's a small fridge with soda here. We traveled to Kumasi today for p-day to have a nice meal. Why? 2 reasons. 
1. It's Elder Argo's Birthday. My MTC companion Ma'ungatai has moved to Tamale. (the hottest part of the mission) Elder Argo is his replacement and he was also in the MTC with me. It's nice to catch up with them. 
The 2nd reason to come here is because we exceeded our baptismal goal for this month. We just had 5 baptisms this week. I was able to baptize 3 members of a family (the rest are too young). I'll include a picture as always. 
We have maybe 2 more potentials coming up. We'll see what happens. We had an investigator come to church and scatter all of the lessons with his persistent questions about God and Jesus being one. We've answered his questions through multiple lessons but he came to church to argue with everyone. It was a bit of a mess. I got to teach the Youth Sunday school also. I actually really enjoy doing that one. In regards to Mom's spelling it's Akwasi (means man born on a Sunday). Some say Woho te sen, but most say ete sen (I can't spell that right with this keyboard). In case you're wondering, no I don't speak Twi. I know some basic phrases, but there's not much motivation to learn it. There's no language study, a good number of people speak English and only the Ghanain missionaries know Twi. The biggest reason is because the Mission President won't allow us to teach in Twi. Only English. I still haven't figured out the reason why yet. Twi is still fun to use 'small small,' if only to entertain the locals. They get really excited when they hear an Obroni (white man) speak it. 
In more news, we moved apartments this week. We're out of the chapel and into the Zongo. That's the Muslim territory. They don't provide any trouble and we don't bother them. I'm learning basic greetings in Arabic though haha. Brooke's E-mail was nice.  I would love a heath blizzard when I get home. Please make a note of that and hang it on the wall so you remember. There is ice cream here if you feel like spending a bit of money. You usually have to do a bit of searching to find good ones, otherwise you can find Fan Ice (a funny vanilla). It's still pretty good. I just spent a decent chunk of money on a big jug of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. I can't do that again for awhile, but I'm going to enjoy tonight. ;) I hope General Conference will be more available to us. I didn't end up watching the last one. Ghana feels hotter these days. Then again it always feels hot so I'm not sure. Today we finished our wash, put it in a bag and carried it on our heads to the chapel to hang it there. (we don't have a line at the apartment and the neighbor's was full). I was dripping in sweat. Yuck. 
When the trash is full we stuff it in a wheelbarrow and head to the local trash pile. Well all in all it's been a good week. I look forward to hearing from you next time. 

Have a great week! 

-Elder Silva 

Happy day. 

 This girl is by an orange stand we always pass. She knows my name and runs up to me every time she sees me. It's pretty cute. 

 Elder Ejo playing football with the kids. 

Haven't had this in almost 8 months. Not near as good as home, but still better than most things here. 

Pokemon in Ghana :)

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