Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Oops...wrong mission.

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't get this out to you yesterday. All of the internet cafes were down. Well this week has come and gone and so has the transfer. The new Elder coming is my MT (he was in the MTC with me). His name is Elder Argo from Ethiopia. I'm looking forward to being with him. Speaking of letters I got a couple from Mom. The talk and the one with Brooke's picture of me holding up the cat. It was awesome. It's too bad you can't really send me chocolate for Easter. Otherwise I would love a Cadbury egg here.  Our teaching pool is increasing "small small". We just had a family of 6 referrals from a soon-to-be recent convert family and another referral has come to church multiple times. We're looking at 3 baptisms next week and hopefully at least 1 more before the end of the month. I haven't been practicing piano at all last week. I should start again. It's just tough to have the motivation to do anything once we get done for the day. ...We're dead. Summer is upon us and it will be for the rest of my stay. The rain is a little low too, but I expect it will pick up once we get closer to May. In a weird sort of way I miss mowing the lawn (don't use that against me when I get home).  

I'll attach a bunch of pictures, (I think I missed these last couple of weeks). 

Have a great week guys. 
Love you. 

-Elder Silva

 cute kid. 

This man claims to be 135 years old... The man on his left is his grandson. Ghanaians didn't keep good birth records then, but he does seem pretty old. 

  I’m still taking out the garbage….not much has changed.

 Practicing for Independence day

 My new proselyting equipment... I wish.

 Cashew fruit... This stuff is full of juice, but dries your mouth and is nasty.

 P-day football (soccer)

That famous African wildlife!

                                                                 Oops...wrong mission. 

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