Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Mission President.

Greetings dear family!

Good to hear that the 4th was fun for you all. I myself am going to celebrate today at the apartment with my "father!" (aka my missionary trainer).  He has been my zone leader for this transfer and now we're both leaving. ...Yes, I'm being transferred.

6 months in Obuasi and 6 in Effiduasi. Now I'm going to Agona. I'll be companions with Elder Anderson. It's his last transfer on mission so I'll see him go home...hopefully he has some junk to get rid of! I've been with Elder Asada for 1 transfer and now with Elder Anderson for 1. Fast companions. I went from a decent branch, to a smaller branch, to even smaller now. It's not easy, but It's special to see the beginnings of what will one day become part of a Stake. Some converts/investigators have a hard time saying goodbye, but they'll get over it soon. They always do. They say, "That's it! I'm not going to be friends with missionaries anymore! I don't want to miss them." But they always do. :)

I played basketball today for the first time since home...my shots must have showed it too. ha. I smell terrible and I hope the people next to me in this cafe aren't too upset. The country and mission are both treating me well. We were low on food this week, but surprise meals saved our lives. Missionaries will eat anything when we're hungry. Don't expect me to be a picky eater when I get home. We have a new Mission President! I’ll miss President and Sister Holmes. Sister Holmes was by far one of my favorite people I’ve ever met.  The new Mission President looks nothing like the newspaper clip. We met both him and Sister Cosgrove at a mission tour and their instruction was good. My health is fine and I appreciate the new medicine and the watch. That package was a surprise for me! Also Elder Hyena loved Brooke's hyena picture. He thinks it's "so cool."

Gotta go fam, but thanks for the e-mail. 
Have a great week. 

-Elder Silva 

 One of my favorites (seriously it is). Banku with pepe and fish.

 Those end of the day blues... 

 My favorite two boys. These guys are really smart and love to learn.

 Offset the sunset with a really bright full moon!

Ah! Those Ghanaian sunsets!

Brooke's drawings (with different headings) for Elder "Hyena" :) 

"That's the last time we knock on that door!" 

"It's just like running with the bulls in Spain!" 

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