Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lots of updates!

May 24, 2016

What's a week as a Zone Leader? well really busy. I really like it though. It's also why I have really short time right now. I go to different areas to visit District Meetings, we have baptismal interviews, we deliver supplies, deal with money reimbursement, Zone councils and other things. Right now we're buying supplies for some Sisters and filling their gas tanks- which is soo much fun (insert sarcastic smirk). ummmmm dang I'm thinking fast. Good luck with finals and Good luck with being in the Stu, co again Dad. I've always respected you for being a busy man. At least you're not in the bishopric as well. So Em's coming soon? Powerful. uhhhhhhh Church was alright. Still work to be done but we were actually invited to a meeting with a real council so that was awesome. We have a lot of potential here. And with that I gotta go. Greet one another with an holy kiss and take care of Duke. 

-Elder Silva

May 16, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! What you thought I forgot? ha! Actually there's no way to prove that is there? hmmm. You'll just have to take my word for it, Mr. “senior menu.”

The new responsibilities had me super busy with e-mailing, so my time is short. Nkawkaw is a cool place. It's
just at the base of some mountains and it's a pretty sight. Reminds me a bit of Utah or home. Apparently during Easter alot of people go paragliding. The new area is small, but the members seem willing to
work. We have a return missionary here and he helps alot. This first Sunday was a District Conference, so I didn't really experience the branch life here yet. One cool thing. There's a Sister I was with in
the MTC who returned home to Nkawkaw. I saw her here and was like.... wait, what? ha It was fun catching up. Speaking of Sisters this is actually my first time on mission really interacting with them. Most
of my Zones and all of my Districts never had Sister Missionaries, so I was never around them. It's a little more stressful, but a welcome change of pace. That's been the best part of Zone Leader so far. It
takes away from the repetition by allowing me to engage myself in other responsibilities. Kind of like a breath of fresh air. I know it's only been a week, but I'm enjoying it so far.

I'll be willing to help out with the grass Dad. I figure since I work all day here for 2 years, that mowing for a few hours won't be too hard.... dangit please don't use that against me. I think Brooke should definitely take that
job. She'd enjoy it, and it would take away from the monotony of Summer. Plus money!! Then she could afford that dog she always begged for when she was 16. I have the pic of me and my President, but my card
reader finally got lost, so I'll get it to you later. Sorry.    My companion is Elder Mkandla from Zimbabwe. He was here already for 6 weeks. He's good and we enjoy together. He's been a Zone Leader for a
long time, so there's a possibility he could leave and I'll get one more companion.  (Emily:  I'm in Nkawkaw branch 2.   Service from 9-12 A.M.  I can't believe you're going to be in Ghana soon!!!)  Gotta go. See y'all next
time. -Elder Silva

May 2 

This week we went out and taught the gospel to as many as we could find who wanted to hear what we had to say  . Some listened. Some did not. Some understood, some did not, which is a pretty average week. I think the main reason for the lack of information this week is because I forgot to write in my journal all week, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. I'll go back and write what I can remember to honor Dad's wish though. I still have an entry for every day. It's pretty fun to go back and read sometimes. This Mother's day I don't think I'll do a Skype call. I'll just call the ole’ fashioned way and speak 1 on 1. I'll tell Em anything she wants to know about Ghana. Brooke, Geometry was one of my favorite subjects. I found it pretty simple, but not all math classes were easy. The college Algebra class was really hard. I think I also got a 59 or so on my Statistics test. So don't worry Brooke, we all struggled haha.

I think I'll save up most things for the Mother's day call, so I'll leave it at that for this week. The branch is still doing pretty well. Some rocky things and progressing things. This will most likely be my last week in the area. I'll know for sure on Saturday. We have a cat that hangs around our house a lot and it came back once with a limp tail. Reminded me of Duke. Tell that Duke I should at least be able to recognize him later. As for the rest of you, I also hope to recognize you as well. I'll try to make sure you won't recognize me. Older, a few gray hairs and a Superman physique. See y'all next week! 

-Elder Silva 

Apr 25 

Hahahahahahaha. Just the thought of Brooke getting a pie to the face had me rolling. haha. Guys I really enjoyed the E-mail this week. Time is going and I'm very close to two transfers left. Hopefully I'll be transferred out of this area in a couple of weeks and go to one more place. I've been focused much on getting a new teaching pool so my son will have something good to get busy with when I leave. We met TONS of people this week. 17 new investigators to be exact. It was insane.   In this mission, finding people to teach isn't the biggest problem, but very few actually understand what we teach.  By the way, Twi is the language we deal with. Pidgin is Nigerian. I'm a bit familiar just because of all the Nigerian missionaries.

Hey, I thought you said Em was totally fine. What do you mean by recover?  I'm pretty sure Mom will be called as a ward missionary. New revelation can come you know. I really want some of that fruit from our backyard. Mango trees are everywhere here and I'm already getting tired of them. I really wanted a picture of Dad as Ammon. You'll have to make up for that somehow. A great E-mail should be replied with another great E-mail, but I actually have somewhere to be soon. I'll leave you all with that for now and talk to you next week. Good luck getting through school and enjoy your last summer without me for awhile. 

-Elder Silva

Apr 18 

Heeeey I get to hear from the whole fam. this week! That sure makes me smile. Well this week went well. We had a baptism which was awesome!   I'll most likely be transferred in 3 weeks. The Texan is a roomate, not my comp. I'm still training my Nigerian Elder Kanu. I don't believe I'll have any baptisms left in this area, but I hope Dad is right in his prediction.  This week me and my comp. literally sat down to think about areas we haven't already been to. Feels like we've combed every inch of this town.  The Texan, Elder Zurek, and me found potatoes and made potato chips (oh my gosh, did I really just call them that?) ahem.. French fries, with barbecue seasoning he got in a package. Best food I've had in a looong time. By the way, Em sent me these dried mangos once and they were really good. It would be cool if you could send some at some future point.  Mango season is coming in and I'm enjoying this delicious fruit. Mango trees are everywhere.
I've never had an Email from Bro.Jones. I really feel bad if he thinks I've been ignoring him all this time. New callings were extended to some members and it's really great to see their new involvement in the branch. I've been teaching youth and young men for a couple of months and they were upset with the prospect of me leaving in a few weeks. aww loyalty. I sure wish that would motivate them to pay attention more haha. You asked if anything scary has happened?  The closest I can get is that we have another mouse in the house. Ate our bread and part of our potatoes. I ate rat again. I'll send the pic. We helped a member paint some chicken coops on Saturday and that was a nice change of pace.

Dad predicts 2 or 3 families a week? my that would be paradise. Most baptisms are people kind of “scattered.”    Baptizing a family is the ultimate goal.  Well Em, to prepare you a little before getting here in Ghana - just get ready for heat and humidity!!! I can't even sweep the house without sweating like a pig. You oughta see when I exercise. I don't know what conditions you'll be in, but remember air conditioners are rare so just be prepared. We had a missionary couple called the Wardles drop by unexpectedly one morning and the apartment was a small mess. We have been having water issues for a while and I was too tired to fetch well water every day. Anyways the apartment was bad and after they left we cleaned up very well. They came back to deliver something and Elder Wardle said a tear almost came to his eye to see such quick repentance. That was cool. Anyways, keep the house clean and keep Duke on mouse duty. Have a great week! 

-Elder Silva 

Apr 11 

This week has been chugging along and I'm more than happy to report that we have an incoming baptism this Sunday! Crank your hoses, call the fireman, but Abesim Fia can't be stopped! Things are pretty good here lately. Honestly I'm a bit tired of the area, but I still have work to do here. Time seems to be moving very slowly lately and I'm not all that sure why. I think it's because I made a mistake in my journal writing and realized that I was 5 days ahead of myself. The sun is more than scorching and the sweat is more than dripping, but Silva is still more than Silva-ing. Rainy season also brings more bugs in.

Well good to hear that Em is fine. I pray every day that this beloved family of mine will stay safe. So I'm going to impose some new rules. 1. You must drink 4 gallons of water every day to combat the new “heat wave.” 2. a minimum of two turrets must be installed on the new fence and sentries posted every evening to watch those mangy mutts. 3. Couch cushions will now be glued to every end of every car to soften any unexpected impacts. 4. Duke's paws must be removed.(Matt 5:29-30) 5. Jacob 6:3.  The new rules are to be put in effect immediately and any in-compliance with said rules will be punishable by a very guilty conscience. Have a great week all! 

-Elder Silva  

Me and the Texan. 

My favorite breakfast. koko and kosi. a ginger-porrige and bean bread.

La cucaracha, la cucaracha...

Elder Vinson and his wife. This was a mission tour for Elder Vinson. 

Me with my Mission President, President and Sister Cosgrove. 

My new planner. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Last class selfie with the young men.
(my last area I just left)

Abesim Branch. Last Sunday.

These are like my mother and father in Abesim. 
I've had a lot of good people take care of me on the mission. 

Lots of rice..... yep just lots of rice. 

Traveled to Mrpaeso in the mountains (another missionaries area). Check out the baboon. 

My MTC pal. Now I'm serving in her home branch!

My new apartment mates (new area). 
My comp. is on the far right (your right)...

Nice mountain in my new area. Just took this picture about an hour ago. 

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