Monday, June 20, 2016


June 20, 2016
It's raining. and I love it. I just realized this week that Idaho is kinda dry isn't it? that'll be strange for sure when I get back.   I can't believe how good Zach looks. Seriously I'm really excited for him. He's going to have one heck of a mission.

As for me my final transfer is here and I'm getting a companion change. NOOO! I just wanted to settle down my last 2 transfers without changes. change is something you can always count on, huh? My new companion is Elder B. from Uganda.   I'll be training him as a new Zone Leader.  Wish me luck! I think I've got it all down by now, but teaching it is another matter. As for me in general I'm doing great. I've been really enjoying the mission lately. The only problem is that everybody keeps reminding me it's my last transfer. I'm not sure how I'm even supposed to feel about that. I think I'll just deal with it like most things and go with the flow.

A question that just popped up; how long will Zach spend in the MTC?   I hope Em's problems over here can be solved. I pray for her and Ally.   So as for church this week I didn't go. wait wait wait, pick your jaws off the ground for goodness' sake.  One of our Sisters was sick so we took off to take her to the hospital.  It turns out she has Malaria so she's at home (apartment sorry) with medication and caring Sister missionaries. We made some visits, and she should be on the mend soon.  I still hope never to deal with malaria. If it comes to me during this final stretch I won't be very happy. it seems she caught it from Kumasi when we stayed a night for a Zone Conference, so Nkawkaw apartments here seem pretty safe.

We had the pleasure of seeing four people be baptized this Sunday with more on the way! I couldn't be more pleased with the way this area is progressing. We were walking across a road the other day when suddenly we heard "vvvvvvrrrroooooooommmwhack! baaaaaaahhhh!!!  We turned to see a goat thrown across the road rolling towards us. He got up, looked around in a daze and walked away.   Downright hilarious. It seems that animals are just getting lucky these days eh Brooke?  Oh one more thing to mention... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!  Please don't think I forgot. I truly remembered. Man 16 is crazy. That's so cool! When I get home I'll make you some nice banku or something for you to enjoy. Well that's my time finished so I'll see you all next week! -Elder Silva

June 13, 2016
My mind has too much stuff inside today. This time I feel like Brooke. ummmm... Well we have my last Zone Conference coming up Wednesday. We go up the night before to sleep at the mission home. we will have some free time in Kumasi. Should be fun! As for this week we've had much more time to be in our area so we are seeing more progression.

I'll be looking forward to pictures of Zach’s farewell. I can't send pictures, because of the computers I'm using right now. I'm really hungry right now come to think of it. I think I'll just walk outside and walk to the Burger King across the street. Then I'll just stand there and sigh when I realize it's not there haha. Actually we found some stuff and I made fajitas this week. Obviously it was a bit of an experiment for me, but it tasted enough like what I miss. Well everything here is going well. This is the last week of the transfer, so I'll tell you next week if I get my last companion, or work with the same one. Catch you all later! -Elder Silva

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