Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Cow Cow"

Well I'm sitting at the computer screen once again, getting ready to bring home some news from Ghana. For one thing "The Black Stars" (Ghana's soccer team) has made it to the semi-finals in the African cup. Cross your fingers. For another, the weather seems to have gotten hotter... or not... I'm actually not sure, but it's always hot here. The district leader business is going alright. The work is a bit slower in our area and we're always bringing back fewer numbers than the other companionship. Their area is directly outside the apartment (the chapel) so that's part of it. Most people we meet say that the chapel is too far. They don't realize that the walking distance is doable since we walk it twice every day. Also taxes aren't that expensive here. I'm finding it difficult to find new people to teach here. Overall the work is struggling, but we have some really good members. There are 3 guys in particular that I call the 3 amigos. They go to lessons to translate for us (yes we still have plenty of Twi. Actually more than last time) and they're really fun to be around. I've learned the area and can make my way around now. One thing that's bothering me though is that the water makes my body itch... a lot. But I'm thankful to have it since we didn't have any water when I first arrived (yep it was back to the fetching on my head gig). Has that much time really passed? One funny thing about mission is that in terms of 2 years time can seem slow, but when compared to life back home I'm not sure how we got to February so quickly. I just received a letter from Mom the other day. Brooke drew a picture of "Duke the Dude" in it. The apartment got a kick out of that one. er I mean, I did... It's not like I showed your picture to other people or anything hehe.. he. As for me I've been living off a diet of pineapple and noodles. This morning I had scrambled eggs, bread & jam and some groundnut. We buy our own groceries, but we eat each others food all the time. So kinda a mix I guess? One Tongan word I remembered this week is "cow cow" it means shower or bathhouse. We were watching "The other side of heaven" last night on the church t.v, and at the part where the Elder accidentally says he's the Lord's outhouse I recognized cow cow. Needless to say I felt pretty proud. Well That's my week in an incoherent ramble. Got all that? Good. See you all next week.

-Elder Silva

 My latest kill...

Truck accident. The man's engine cut off and he slid down the road and found a nice place to park in the building right across from us. Dodged that bullet. 

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