Thursday, February 19, 2015

Soccer Loss.

Well guys I gotta say that this is one of the best e-mails I've ever received and just in time too. Seriously I had a hard week.  We were able to find a handful of new investigators this week though. When I came to the area there had been a few baptisms that last Sunday. That means that I had very few people left to teach. We decided to go visit areas they had never taught before and all of our new people came from that place. Glad we decided to check it out. By the way, I have soccer news for Dad. Ghana is devastated... Finals against Ivory Coast... Penalty kicks... 11 kicks each and it came down to goalie vs. goalie... we missed... they didn't... what a loss. Ghana hasn't won a trophy for over 20 years. Somber faces everywhere man. Can't imagine how the goalie feels. The bright news is that I just got back from playing soccer and I scored a goal! I think I was more surprised than the goalie. haha. Lately I've eaten many Bankus (like fufu, but made from dry maze and with a fermented taste), and I've finally grown used to it. My mp3 player and church music is working fine. It's nice to have music. I couldn't live a life without music. Oh! did I ever tell you my latest joke? I saw some goats hanging out at a local Catholic church and I thought to myself "now what are a bunch of "aponchis" doing at church?" then it hit me... for Sunday maaaaaasss.... hahah! I had a good laugh at that one. My companionship is doing very well. I get along with Elder E very well and we're able to laugh through every day. It really helps the work. 
Alright I'll try to post a smattering of new pictures for your enjoyment. 

Thanks guys. 

-Elder Silva

 Yes someone from the church has a guitar ( I was overjoyed). 
Here's a lazy morning from Ghana. 

 Average breakfast. Jam and bread. Eggs and ketchup. sometimes groundnut and biscuits (crackers). This time some orange drink from drink mixes from home. Thanks!

 Tiny Gecko

Kittens for Brooke

 Well. The rain's back. 

 Another "creeping thing". This was a big'un. 

Another sunset picture. This time from the top of a tower. 

This guy is getting a good view of the game. 

Last week's pictures- 

 And God made the creeping things and sent them to the missionaries.

 Avoiding those mosquitoes...

A sunset in Ghana

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