Thursday, February 19, 2015

He's reminding ME.

Church always goes well here. The branch is strong. We had 4 investigators at church last Sunday. One of them should be baptized next week. Hopefully her husband will follow soon. We have had many people give empty promises. That happens a lot here. I did meet a man while I was getting my haircut however who spent some time in Spain and speaks some Spanish. I told him I speak 'small small' and the following conversation was pretty hard. It was fun to meet someone in Ghana who speaks Spanish though. I ask him to speak English sometimes but he refuses. He promised to bring his whole family to church. He called me multiple times to remind me so I figured he was serious. We'll see what happens this week. I've really come to learn just how great the gospel really is. When the sun isn't scorching and the belly isn't empty, missionary work can be fun. Tell the ward members back home that Jane is progressing, but Tarzan was offended last week when we told him he couldn't wear his loin cloth to church. He'll come around eventually. I'll keep the joke in mind for when I'm struggling. 

Alright Fam I think that's it. Wow. I love you all and wish you all the best week. Until next week, 

Elder Silva 

 Traditionalist. Notice the markings on his legs. He also had bells on his feet and seashells in his hair. 

 Cute boy at the fried rice joint. 

 Common lunch. Fried yam and fish with shito and pepe. (pepper and hot stuff). 

Messing around with rain pictures.

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