Tuesday, June 23, 2015

kung fu fighting, vampires and two prizes at the claw machine...


Hey fam, It's been another week and another opportunity to tell you all about it sooooo, here goes! This week was alright. We did some contacting and found some more investigators. We found a man named Joshua. He is very intelligent and asked some of the most interesting questions I've heard from an investigator. We also met a teacher named Samuel who did the same thing. Abigail is still progressing towards baptism after some rough times she has had lately. Life is never easy is it? Life has a way of suddenly changing too. The new mission president, the Cosgraves, have arrived and I expect to be meeting them soon. The Holmes will be leaving very soon and the mission home is all packed up. I don't know what kind of changes this will bring to the mission, but we're all a little nervous. It is burning outside right now, but the skies are pretty cloudy lately. I have an MT (someone who was in the MTC with me) named Elder Fiu. He grew up in Australia, but his family is Samoan. Big guy. He's trying to lose fat. Speaking of that I'm also attempting the stomach loss competition. I had fufu again today after a very hesitant period following the indigestion incident. I feel fine and I think I'm back on the fufu train. I just rest a bit after eating and make sure to drink water. I had a dream tonight where I was home talking with Mom after my mission. She was asking me about food and I said "oh Mom, all I ever ate was bread!" It's not really that dramatic, but it made me think about food from home ha. I then proceeded to dream about kung fu fighting, turning into a vampire and getting 2 prizes at the claw machine... I'm positive there's no interpretation to be had there. For a couple of months now I've been having pretty vivid dreams. Not sure what contributes to that. I hope that Dad enjoyed his day to rule and that many decrees were made, banquets held and bad jokes cracked (just kidding Dad I still love your jokes. ;) As for our branch we have great news! We have just been organized into a district! There are four branches in the district and the two counselors to our branch presidency have been called as the counselors to the district presidency. I'm not sure who will be called to replace them. Transfer news will come next week Saturday and I'm thinking I might be transferred. With a new mission president though, I doubt that many will be moved this transfer.   It looks like I've spent a good time writing so I'll leave it at that. I'll bring my journal to share an experience or two and maybe a few corny jokes next week. As always I love you and wish you all a sweet week! 

-Elder Silva

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