Monday, June 8, 2015

When the Spirit floods the room...

June 1, 2015

Hey fam! This was the transfer week and my new companion and I are getting along pretty well. He's a good teacher and it's always good for our investigators to get new teachers every now and then. I'm already beginning to see a difference in the receptiveness of some of our investigators. I know I told you I would share more spiritual experiences, so I'll try to talk more about the work. As monotonous as it sometimes gets for me, I'm sure you'd still like to hear about it. One thing that happened was a very spiritual lesson with Sister Abigale. We have been teaching her for a long time with Elder Ejodamen. She has come to church once, but her family's beliefs have been holding her back. She enjoys the lessons and is well educated. She is a good friend of ours. Me and Elder Asada came to visit her and I wasn't all that sure what to teach. As we began to ask questions I felt impressed to ask more specifically about her feelings in regard to the Holy Ghost. She seemed a bit confused and we ended up teaching her all about recognizing promptings and having the courage to act upon them. The whole room was practically flooded with the spirit by the time we left. On another previous occasion with Elder Ejodamen, we had just finished a lesson and Ejodamen was conversing with the rest of the family. I turned to Abigale and asked her a prompted question, "Sister Abby? Do you know that God loves you?". That led to a very good discussion that day. That's all I really have time for for today, but it gives you someone to mention in the family prayers. As for me I'm just chugging along. I haven't posted pictures in a long time so there are too many to post. I'll just post the best ones. As for the temporal aspect, I'm really enjoying those lemonade packets. My new companion Asada has some of the P90X workouts on dvd. Super hard to incorporate those on the mission, but I've been working on Ab Ripper X (scary name right?) to distance my figure from that of Santa Clause. I heard about Elder Perry from a member. News travels fast. I just realized that another school year has gone by. No way that's so weird. I think the fun part of typing is that you don't get to make fun of my accent ha. Or does it show in the text?? ;) Branches are a definite struggle. I can't imagine just going to church and enjoying classes. I've been teaching the youth since the beginning of my mission and I even helped out with the primary this week. I was rewarded with a cup of juice to dull the headache haha. One of the hardest things to do on for me is to proselyte on Sunday. I've always done it, but church is very stressful, then you walk home in the sun, get back and eat whatever you have, and then need to find the energy to get back out again.  But it’s all good.  Well I hope you're all enjoying the summer. Have a great week everyone. Love you. 

-Elder Silva

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