Thursday, February 25, 2016


BEHOLD! IT IS I.......ME! 

Yes I'm still alive thankfully. I could tell you just about any excuse for not being able to write you last week . . . like being almost-mortally wounded from provoking a large sheep, or suffering from iraticus consumes sickens, but actually it was all just technical error. Although one of those stories is somewhat true. I'll let you guess which one. I always feel a bit overwhelmed when I miss a week, because then I have to respond to both e-mails. Well in recent weather news it's HOT. I'm sweating like crazy. Training has proved to be harder than I thought, but we'll make it. My area is a very difficult one (although not my hardest) and my “son” is expressing dismay at the language barrier. I wrote a letter to President to ask him about his own views on that, because personally I've thought it to be a huge challenge my whole mission that we don't teach in Twi.

Holidays are recognized, but not really all that celebrated. I received a church valentines card from our neighbor with John 3:16 (the most popular scripture of all time). I miss my family's humor, by the way. I'm surprisingly at a loss of what to say right now. In recent news my release date has been extended two weeks because of changing MTC policies. I come home in August. I'll check out your other letter to see what's written there again. Till next time! 

-Elder Silva J

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