Thursday, February 25, 2016

Eye me dea. Ebeyeyi.

I would reply to your letter, but first I have some small news for you.....

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Ahem, now that that's out of the way.
If you didn't catch on, I'm finally training!
I'm very happy for the opportunity to train. President has released me as District Leader as well to focus more on this assignment. My present companion is leaving to be a District Leader and 2nd Councillor in his Branch Presidency. I told him to train them well well. This transfer is huge and so many things are happening. I get to see some of my favorite missionaries come to the zone. One is Hyena Boy (remember him?) We played football, er soccer as a zone today and had a great time. Yes I'm still not good, but I did hit the pole. After that shot I wanted to just collapse. Still our team did well and won 9-5. The Dry season is still heavy upon us, with no sign of letting up. If I pray for your winter, would you pray for my Hamatan. I believe it's because our investigators don't want to repent. Or perhaps it's due to my own imperfections. Perhaps I have something to learn from all of this. I suppose it does make me thankful for well insulated homes back home. This week is going to be a busy week indeed.

Answers to the questions for my companion: favorite color-white, favorite food-fufu, has 6 sisters 2 brothers, child of record and he had me running to and fro in football so I guess football is a talent of his. I'll miss this companion. Em's going to Hawaii? Dang she's doing alot of travelling. Good for her. Nice way to celebrate graduation. I have to get up early to travel to Kumasi on Wednesday. I wish I could travel Tuesday instead - to my old area in Atonsu and stay the night there. Alas Enye me dea. Ebeyeyi. The strange thing about speaking here is that missionaries mix our English and Twi all the time that it just becomes habit. I'm sure to let a few words slip when I'm home.

I see Brooke is rockin the license. Does she have a car to drive? If so Brooke just remember Austin's 10 driving commandments- 1. Always keep gum and mints in the car. 2. Remember where your license and registration are. 3. Take it easy in snow. 4. Rock out to music. 5. Don't honk your horn for anything other than dogs, cats and police officers (just kidding) 6. Make frequent taco/drink stops. 7. If your friends live in the middle of nowhere, don't expect Dad to pay for the gas you use to drive them home 8. Make Dad pay for it anyways 9. Be courteous, kind, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent and 10. Don't take after me when it comes to car cleanliness. I guess that's all I can give for now, I'm pretty busy. Have a great week everyone and don't forget to pray for the missionaries in the world. 

-Elder Silva

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