Thursday, February 25, 2016

Raticus Consumis.

Well, well, well the Fam. is all together today!... kind of... Sun... Sun..... aw you're kiddin yourself Dad. wait!... kid... kid..... (in response to Dad’s letter).

Anyways this week was rough but it worked. In a way. The good news is that we found a few more people to teach and one of them was quite the lesson. She asked so many questions that I have never heard any investigator here ask before. She was even questioning religion itself. Well for me it was a breath of fresh air, because it meant she really understood how religion works...Man cannot give the answers. After explaining that, she opened up a lot and said she would pray about everything. She said Christianity really confused her. One reason was the fact that people have died without the gospel, but the gospel is the only way we're saved. Never seen anyone more prepared to hear the plan of salvation. The Elder I’m training is Elder Kanu from Nigeria. We're working pretty well and things are good. I'm getting alot of flashbacks from my own training haha. The problem I'm facing now is that I've felt that I've been literally everywhere in my area. Even the Muslim Zongo. Although we did find a good Christian investigator in that Zongo. The work is slow, but we're trying to get people to progress. No one was able to come to church this last Sunday after 6 promised. Usual, but this time it just seemed tougher. Our mood is still good and we'll keep going. ...Well Brooke if it's any consolation, I haven't driven in almost 2 years. Just old taxis on crazy roads. I'll let you drive me around as well. Hopefully in something better than an old taxi. Just never get pulled over by police and if you drive close to one, signal for a while before changing lanes. I guess that's it for me this time. Enjoy the week everyone and go have fun. 

-Elder Silva

(In answer to last week’s questions of something that happened) . . .raticus consumis I ate a rat. A bit stringy. Just one of the many odd things I've eaten. Now me and Duke (the cat) can relate better haha.

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